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LAYANA CO. is an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 approved manufacturer of precision stampings in Taiwan area. Since our foundation in 1982, LAYANA has specialized in progressive dies, stampings, Childrens Cutlery , plastic insert molding & sub-assemblies. Therefore, our products are strongly focused on the electronic and the automotive industries and also well-suited to the tele-communication or other related industries. The core competence of LAYANA is the precision molding service in the field of metal stamping and plastic insert molding. Our paramount importance of sales is to offer customers not only competitive prices, but also the best quality of communication service with great passion and experiences. In addition, our outstanding molding capabilities strengthen the OEM ability of providing complete solutions package. This design engineering solution includes from design to production in any specialized requirements.

According to these specific technologies and diligent team of professionals, we have created and manufactured premium and high quality of cutlery and Childrens Cutlery that is made in Taiwan purely. We have been dedicated to customer's excellence for more than two decades. Today, our company still holds this truth!

"Exceed Customer Expectation" is energetic slogan of LAYANA Company. Therefore, we strive for improving the quality continuously and regard it as the most important thing. In order to achieve the goal exactly, LAYANA Company provides cutlery that must be via three tests as following: - Tensile Strength of the Cutlery: 137 kgs tested - Resistance to Breakage Values: 19 kgs tested - SGS Dishwasher Safe

Furthermore, the products have several particular and unique features of flatware.

- Stainless Steel Sleeves: Guarantee the highest level of safety to your health
- Raw Material Proof: Food grade of color powder and plastic material (non-inferior material)
- Picture Inside: Not paper inside (paper and handle separated) or printing on handle to remove picture easily
- Double Injection: Professional insert-molding skill to create a wide range of color selections

Based on the state-of-the-art technology and excellent staff we have, LAYANA Company is fully capable to take your project from the beginning of the cutlery design, and manufacturing, to final packing finish. We look forward to a closer relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation with any prospective customers.
We pride ourselves, without a doubt, on offering customers not only competitive prices, but also the best quality products and service. Feel free to browse our website. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We will provide the best communication service with great passion and experience.


Company History

 2015 Aawarded Silver Tower Prize in the self-reliance group of the 28th National United Circle Competition.
 2013 Hold the 4th Public Conference in Chang-hua
 2012 Obtained TTQS Silver Medal from Council of Labor Affairs
 2010 New Site Expansion in Kunshan
 2008 Entered Off-road Truck and Aerospace Industry
 2006 ISO9001 Certificated of Flatware Series
 2005 ISO/TS16949:2002 Certified
 2004 Implemented ERP System
     3rd Public Conference in Kao-Hsiung
 2003 Executed Six Sigma Project
     1st Public Conference in Taipel
 2001 Set Up Injection Factory Site in House
     ISO/QS9000:1998 Certified
     WORLDSTAR 2002
 1998 ISO9001 Certified
 1996 ISO9002 Certified
 1991 Established Cutlery Production Line
 1985 Name Changed to LAYANA Company
 1984 Expanded Progressive Die Production Line
 1983 Established Design Dept. in House
 1982 Established Progressive Stamping Die Factory