OEM Service


1. Please provide the same proportion (1:1) of ai, cdr or psd file.
2. If the file provided is a picture, the size should be the same with the print and the dpi should be more than 300.
3. The design should do “Bleed” to be good for adjustment.
4. If there are pointed colors, please provide Pantone/CMYK colors. If there is no color designated, the colors will be accorded with the file/picture.
5. To avoid creating the unclear print, words or lines of the design should not be too small or thin.
6. When providing the files, please also attach the jpg file for confirming and matching the design.

If the design needs to be created by LAYANA, please provide pictures, thoughts and demands which relateto the design. The RD staff will proceed to complete and provide the design for confirming.
The cost will be charged depending on the level of design.