【New】Exquisite Touch 3rd generation

chopsticks,,Made In Taiwan,316 Stainless Steel,

【New product】Exquisite Touch 3rd generation
[From the simplest to perfection]
The LAYANA team expects that when people use these chopsticks, they would feel they are not simply using a utensil, but the enjoyable personal time of dining in front of them. 
We know that you value the promise of protecting your family and their health and well being, but you also want to pursue your passion for style at the same time.
[Taiwanese design made in Changhua]
Our name is LAYANA. We pursue discovery and have a passion for nature. Our proactive living attitude created the most unique chopsticks in the world. A pair of chopsticks not only should be durable and have an everlasting beauty, but the most important is “to turn something that can be easily found like chopsticks into the best protector for health”.
316 Stainless Steel
Uses Japanese chopsticks tip design
SPS Japanese food grade plastic
Exquisite Touch manufactured in Taiwan